How long will it take to read my story?
This will vary, but we will do our very best to respond to a submission whether or not it is published on the site.
Does my story have to be something that happened to me or can it be something that happened to someone else?
You can tell a true story that didn't directly involve you, but if that is the case, we request that the story be told from your point-of-view.
Can I submit a story that is printed somewhere else?
Yes. Since our stories are told in 1,000 words or less they are designed to be compatible with any form of media.
Can I include a link to my own website, bookseller, or ebook publisher when submitting a story?
Yes. Please let readers know in as many ways as you can how they can learn more about your story.
If I upload my story will I still control my own life rights?
Yes, you will retain control of your own life rights. If suitable for film or TV adaptation, will serve as executive producers of the material but this will not exclude the involvement of other potential producers, writers, or directors. In fact, it is our hope that this site will serve as a creative commons for everyday people to swap stories with as many people as possible who can help get their story told to the widest possible audience.
Why are some posts greater than 1,000 words?
The posts on the site that contain more than 1,000 words are all stories the mytruestory staff wanted to share that have already been published by other sources. Any original submission to mytruestory must be 1,000 words or less. Longer stories will not be read.
If I submit a story to, does that mean owns the life rights of whomever the story is about?
No, you retain those rights.
If I submit a story to, does that mean can use the story for future publication?
Yes, has the right to publish any story you submit.
If I submit a story to, does that mean can set up the story for further development for television, film, or on-line media other than the mytruestory website without my prior consent?
No, must enter into an agreement with you before developing your story.
Will I get paid for my story?
Not on the site. However, if a third party options your story you can negotiate a fee with them directly. Furthermore, if you elect for us to be producers on the project and it is set up at a studio where we receive our producer’s fee, we agree to pay an additional ‘set-up’ bonus of $10,000 for a major buyer or $5,000 for a mini-major buyer. Additionally, should the movie, on which the life rights are based, get a theatrical release and we are producing, we will also award you two and a half percent (2.5%) of our upfront producing fee. If we are attached to produce, we will also negotiate in good faith per our producing deal to earn you a co-producing credit on the project.